Online Discussion – Wix versus Weebly

I like Wix more than Weebly. It is easy to use and user friendly. You can figure out how to add text, image or anything else without having a training on it. What you need is in front of you. You do not need to search or try to figure out how to use Wix from other people`s experience. I can say that I was more comfortable while using Wix.  And also, it has so many designs and templates. Designs are very creative and colorful like how I like.

Lets compare the free version of Wix and Weebly. The first item that I want to talk about is popularity.  Wix was founded in 2006, and has over 77 million registered users. It is also a publicly traded companyin the U.S. stock market. On the other hand, Weebly was founded in 2007, and based on most recent press releases, Weebly has over 30 million registered users.

Second item is template design. Wix provides you with over 510 professionally designed templates, across many different industries. This will help you find a suitable design for the industry that you are in. When we look at the Weebly, it gives you over a hundred templates to choose from. However, their designs are not as polished as the templates from Wix.

Third item I want to talk about is drag and drop or ease of use. Wix and Weebly are the easiest website builders to use . You just need to drag in content from the tool bar to built out your site. 

In my opinion, Wix is the best website for small business, blog, education, personal and e-commerce websites. On the other hand, I prefer to use Weebly as an education, blog, personal websites.


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